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by (((::OFTHESUN::)))

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Born, into Seeking, the truth Breathing Building Crushing Living TTAGGG Chaos untouched and untouchable The refutation of eternal rest The darkness of nonsense That for which there is no experience The self-annihilating That which blinks into existence then dies That which lives a timespan too short to know That which interacts with nothing The uncountably-many uncomputable reals The set of all sets The omnipresent unknowables The fathomable impossibilities When every question leads to answers filled with more questions The seeming randomness and the answers encrypted within Words, inside Spirals, in time, Tides of time, The womb, it recalls Waking, the thralls Ohhhh, the sphere, Building, our shrines Breathing Beating Sculpting Dying Earth machine consume negentropy Machine gun through the entropy Why do I wake for? Wide awake on the lake shore Hmm.. recollection vague In the blizzard, I may have slithered Crawled out from the molten snake Sprawled out the airborne plague Stood as the confused ape Huh Breathing Beating Dying Living
Umberhulk 04:40
Shrouded in the depths of maze Bellowing a stark malaise Creature of the underdark Take all that you’re given here Merciless and without fear To death, to death, to death, again again! Inside, there’s fire Killer instincts and the rage of an infinite dark
Death Swing 05:42
Death is alive Here lies truth Right where I left you In time out Death is alive To die is to live Right where I left you Inside out Death is alive Here lies the truth
Void 05:32
Awaken The mind’s eye Become this Eternal Reflection Destroy you Ripping apart Ripping apart the harmony Ripping apart your harmonics Shine on for eons Away from time
Whaaaaat is going on? Ripping apart your harmony Shine on shadows - shadows
Sceadugenga 03:05
Sceadugenga Shadow walk Through the glow Shining black Deep unknown Sceadugenga Night has come Falling sun Losing day Lured away.. Sceadugenga Night has come to seize the sun New moon swells and chokes the sky Darkness drags across the Earth Shadows grasp...onto your feet From his eyes Overcame An ugly light Most like a flame Sceadugenga Mother Everywhere you will find Shadow myth in your mind Like I said until you’re dead Shadow myth in your head Rinch
Counting up the days Birthful deathless times Counting up the days Counting up the days Counting up the days Birthful deathless times Counting up the days Birthful deathless times
Omen 06:59
Sun burnt basin tomato dry Gotta leave the pond cuz the swims are gone Up High Safe from the wolves Till the eagle drags you off the cliff in claws adrift Death Omen ...living and dying over and over… ...becoming becoming becoming... ...all things all things all things... Time time time time...timelapse Death Lapse Into spirals
Face in the cracks Egg No one was looking Rain, and darkness know when The time, that we all spend Each hour, in the eyes of the maze Becoming the truth of our ways You have the keys to the path! Our dreams, and all that we ask Fires of worlds inside The nothing of the infinite mind. One with the things that you destroy and create Dissolving this realm into fragments of fate Traversing the wild of kingdoms in chaos Knowing the self and our grasp of eternity Nothing to nowhere, the words of deciding Branches to all that are telling the stories we made Reach into all that you know Reach into all that you don’t Into the fire Fire No one was looking


╔╩╦ ritual music ║╝╜


released March 20, 2018

Music by (((::OFTHESUN::)))

Artwork by (((::OFTHESUN::)))

Tom Fahey
Adam Blake
Cj Carr
Leeloo Greenman
Summer Skye
Ryan Wolf
Matt Duff
Corey McLane
Anda Volley
Adam Giangregorio
Mike Simonelli
Alex Bean
Logan Will
Alex Kennedy

Mixed by Tom Fahey & Cj Carr
Mastered by Tom Fahey


all rights reserved



(((::OFTHESUN::))) Boston, Massachusetts

Ritual music from future shamans.

(((::IT JUST IS::)))

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